No friction with Priyanka Chopra, says KJo

Today he turns forty, however Karan Johar’s huge birthday bash has been creating headlines even before he hit this new age bracket. particularly for Priyanka Chopra’s rumoured exclusion— once a much-publicised tweet — from the guest list. However, Karan isn’t amused with such speak.

“First of all, who said laptop wasn’t invited? I never commented. She has continuously been on this (guest list). I even have had a awfully heat and wonderful skilled equation with Priyanka. She is incredibly abundant on the list,” says the filmmaker, clarifying that laptop got the invite “quite late”.

But didn’t he hit out at her on his Twitter page once her tabloid interview? “When you switch forty, the primary sign of hitting that age bracket is gaining maturity and ironing out problems in your life. I even have realised that it’s the sole thanks to live life,” explains the Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu producer.

KJo and laptop had their alleged fallout a couple of weeks ago when laptop indirectly lashed out at him in an interview. Later, Karan hit back — while not naming her — on his Twitter handle.

“We have worked along in Dostana (2008) and Agneepath (2012), 2 standing items that have done fine for us. So, there’s no reason why something ought to amendment currently or within the future,” he adds.

But what gets Karan excited is his much-talked-about celebration at Taj Lands finish nowadays. “I continuously wished to host such a bash. For me, there has never been any huge celebration sort of a wedding or one thing where you have got all of your loved ones and friends beneath one roof,” he chuckles, adding he has no plan what party planner and designer Manish Malhotra has in dire straits the party. “I am simply waiting to be shocked,” he laughs.

What concerning the so-called Salman-SRK clash at his party (although Salman is currently out of the country)? “I have invited everybody with lots of affection and respect and that i am positive individuals can associate with constant emotions,” says Karan, whose friends from places like London, New York, Dubai and New Delhi have flown in to be a part of the bash. “It are an area choked with love,” he says.

Rapid fire
RGV not invited: I don’t apprehend Ramu personally. He has never been a devotee or knowledgeable associate.
Launching Student of The Year stars at the do: they're going to be there. however it’s a platform for nothing else however my birthday.
Marriage plans: I’m married to figure, therefore my profession is my partner.
His party being the speak of the town: It sounds like a Friday release! I hope ki acchi gap lag jaye.
On maturity: In terms of maturity, I am 80, however my spirit is that of a 20-year-old boy.

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